Get Wind Sensors for Awnings that Protect Your Awnings during Harsh Weather Conditions

In comparison to stationary and manually retractable awnings, motorized retractable awnings are more popular among modern homeowners. The user can simply use a remote control to extend and retract the awning sheets without putting any extra effort. Also, the feature makes it easier for users to adjust the awning position easily to enjoy the desired amount of sunlight and shade at a time. But the motorized retractable awnings must be retracted properly to get protection from strong wind.

Wind-Sensors-for-AwningsAs the busy work schedules keep most people away from home, the awnings need to be protected by using specially designed wind sensors. The wind sensors for awnings are designed specifically to automatically adjust the position of the retractable awning by detecting strong wind. The sensors are further recommended for all motorized retractable awnings to make them react automatically to the prevailing weather.

When the sensor detects string wind, the awning will be retracted automatically. Similarly, the external awnings will be extended automatically once the sun comes out. Thus, your living space will once again remain cool and shaded without putting any extra effort. On the whole, the sensors are effective in providing constant protecting to your external awnings throughout the year.

At AlekoAwning, we allow homeowners to choose from a variety of residential awnings. Also, we offer several accessories to use the awnings without any hassle. Based on our experience, we understand that people often explore options to protect the external awnings when they are not home. We have designed the Wireless Wind-Sun Sensor for Retractable Awning to provide constant protection to the awning.

The sensor is effective in automatically detecting if your external awning needs to be extended or retracted according to the prevailing weather. As soon as it detects strong wind, the sensor will automatically retract the motorized retractable awning to provide it adequate protection. Once the sun comes out, the sensor will again extend the awning to keep the deck or patio area cool and shaded. You can further buy the Wireless Wind-Sun Sensor for Retractable Awning at a discounted price by visiting our web store.

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