Using Loop Car Detectors to Open the Driveway Gate when a Car Passes

You can reap a number of benefits by replacing your traditional gate systems with automated driveway gates. In addition to keeping the criminal trespassers away, the automated gates will further provide both privacy and security. You also have option to install solar-powered driveway gates to reap the benefits without increasing your monthly energy bills. But the automated driveways will be opened and closed through a specific mode of access.

For instance, you can operate the automatic gates through a remote control, card reader, keypad or telephone entry system. Each time a vehicle enters or passes, you have to use the access mode to close the driveway gates. But reputable automatic driveway gate manufacturers like ALEKO have made it easier for you to open the gates automatically each time a vehicle passes or enters your property.

The manufacturer allows you to choose from a variety of loop car detectors according to the model of your driveway gate. As the loop car detector is designed with sensors, it can sense the movement of vehicles. The sensor will further send signal to the motor to open the gates automatically. Also, the sensor can be installed underground without requiring users to make any major changes.

You can visit to find loop car detectors according to the model of your driveway gate opener. Once you install the sensor, it will be easier to allow vehicles to get out of your property without any manual operations. In addition to making it convenient for you to operate the driveway gates, the loop car detectors will further effectuate your home security.

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