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The requirements of your driveway gate will differ from other entry gates. So you have to consider several factors while picking driveway gates for your home. In addition to its size, style and strength, you also need to consider the vehicles that will enter the driveway gates on a daily basis. It is also a good idea to measure the width and height of the vehicles that the driveway gate needs to fit to. At the same time, you also need to ensure that the materials are sturdy enough to resist harsh weather elements over a longer period of time.

Normally, the wrought iron driveway gates are more effective in protecting your home by resisting harsh weather conditions. At the same time, you also have to decide if the gates will slide open or swing open. The swinging gates require adequate space in the front or back of the driveway gates. But the sliding gates require adequate space on the side of the entrance to open the gates into. In comparison to sliding gates, swing gates are cheaper as well as more popular. It is always important to choose the driveway gate style according to the size and design of your entrance.

DG16VEND-AG-2You also have option to avail additional security, privacy and convenience by installing automated driveway gates. Once you choose the driveway gates, you can choose an automatic gate opener according to its style, size and weight. The automatic gate openers can be further operated through a remote control, telephone entry system or keypad. Thus, you can automate the driveway gates to impose the desired entry and access restrictions. Also, you can opt for the solar-powered driveway gates to avail several benefits without increasing your monthly electricity bills.

Within a short span of time, AlekoGates has built a reputation by providing a variety of driveway gates and automatic gate openers. Each homeowner has option to choose from out large collection of wrought iron driveway gates according to the design and usage of his establishment. At the same time, he can additionally buy electrical or solar gate openers to provide additional security to his establishment, while keeping the criminal trespassers away.

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