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Despite being traditional coverings, residential awnings are still popular among a large section of modern homeowners. Each homeowner also has option to choose from a variety of house awnings according to his specific requirements. The smaller awnings provide protection to doors and windows, while making the establishment more decorative. At the same time, the large awnings extend the outdoor living space by effectively covering the deck or patio area of a house. Regardless of your choice of awnings, these will protect your home from harsh sunlight, UV rays, rainwater and other harsh weather elements.

The awnings are available in a range of width and sizes. So you can easily choose the awning according to the design and size of your home. Also, you have option to choose awnings made using a variety of materials including polyester, vinyl, canvas, steel and aluminum. In comparison to fabric awnings, the metal awnings are sturdier and more effective in resisting harsh weather conditions. But the fabric awnings can make your establishment look more stylish and appealing. The fabric awnings can further block the harsh sunlight along with the harmful UVA and UVB rays.


You also have option to choose from the manual as well as motorized awnings. The positioning of the manual awnings needs to be adjusted through manual effort to avail the desired amount of sunlight and shade. But the motorized awnings are designed with a motor that remain hidden in the roller bar. You can simply use a remote control to change the position of the awning without any hassle. Thus, the motorized awnings allow you to enjoy the desired amount of sunlight and shade at a time without putting any extra effort. However, you need to choose the awning design according to its usage.

At AlekoAwnings, we allow users to choose from a wide variety of residential awnings. You have option to choose from our large collection of aluminum and fabric awnings. At the same time, you can further choose from several designs of manual as well as motorized retractable awnings. Also, you can buy specially designed accessories like sun and wind sensor to get the awning position adjusted automatically according to the prevailing weather conditions.

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