Make Your Awnings More Durable with Sand Fabric for Retractable Awnings

Despite being traditional, residential awnings are hugely popular among modern homeowners. In addition to keeping your living space shaded, cool and comfortable, the awning will further enhance your home’s aesthetics. But you must replace the awnings fabric on time to maintain its look, feel and comfortable. If you are looking for stylish and durable awning fabric, it is a great idea to check the sand fabric for retractable awnings available at

Sample-Fabric-Sand-AA-2TAs the fabric is 100% polyester, you can avail the benefits of polyester awning fabrics. Unlike other awning fabrics, polyester is extremely durable, and effective in resisting harsh weather. Along with being waterproof and anti-abrasion, the polyester also has high tensile strength. So the look and feel of this awning fabric remains unchanged under strong ultra-violet rays. At the same time, the sand awning fabric will enhance the overall décor and beauty of your home.

The high tear strength of polyester makes it usable for building a variety of outdoor applications including outdoor, window, retractable and RV awnings. Many reports have also highlighted the effectiveness of polyester awning in reducing the overall cooling energy consumption by 25% on hot days. The awning will keep your living space cool and shaded; hence reduce the use of cooling systems. Likewise, its solar gain will keep you home warm during winter months.

Also, you can maintain and clean the awning fabric without any hassle. As the polyester fabric can be machine washed, it becomes easier for you to make your awning look stylish and fresh. The color of the polyester awning fabrics also do not fade due to constant exposure to harsh weather conditions. Thus, the sand fabric for retractable awnings from ALEKO will help you in avoiding frequent awning fabric replacement. At present, ALEKO is offering two years warranty on the sand fabric for retractable awnings, along with free shipping.

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