Get Customized Solutions to Generate Wind Energy on Your Own

A constant increase is noted in the number of people exploring options to generate their own power. If you are residing in an area with high wind speed, it is a great idea to generate wind energy. Based on the average wind speed of your area, you can decide the size and design of the residential wind turbine. Once the wind turbine is installed, it will generate electricity by harnessing the kinetic energy of wind. The electricity can be further stored for your future use by using a grid or batteries. So you can always consider installing residential wind turbines to reduce your dependence on expensive energy sources like electricity and fossil energy.

Generate Wind Energy on Your OwnBased on the location of your house, you can choose the horizontal-axis or vertical-axis wind turbines. The horizontal-axis wind turbines, normally, have three arms. The blades rotate in a horizontal circle just like the hands of a clock. You must place the horizontal-axis wind turbine on a tall structure or platform to facilitate smooth rotation of arms. Unlike horizontal-axis wind turbine, the vertical-axis wind turbine does not have any arms. It has a vertical rotator shaft along with rectangular panels that can rotate like a top. The vertical-axis wind turbine can be easily placed on rooftops or tall buildings.

However, you also need to procure additional accessories to install the residential wind turbine without any hassle. Many homeowners opt for DIY wind turbines to install the equipments without any hassle. At AlekoGreenEnergy, we allow homeowners to choose from several models of residential wind turbines according to the average wind speed of their area and monthly energy needs. We also provide the accessories and equipments required to install the wind power generators without putting any extra time and effort. Our wind turbines also come with features and functionality to complement the energy needs of both commercial and residential establishments.

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