Decorate Your Lawn and Garden with LED Solar Powered Holiday String Lights

Many people use holiday string lights to decorate their garden and lawn during festive occasions. But the conventional holiday string lights, despite looking stylish and trendy, can increase the user’s monthly electricity bills. So many homeowners, nowadays, look for more energy-efficient ways to decorate their lawns and gardens. A number of popular web stores like have made it easier for homeowners to decorate their home with holiday string lights without incurring additional energy expenses.

50LED-MC-AE-2TThe web store offers a variety of LED solar powered holiday string lights. The product allows users to avail the combined benefits of LED lights and solar energy. In comparison to conventional string lights, LED string lights are more energy-efficient, environment-friendly and easier to install. Further, the LED string lights do not break down suddenly when one light goes out. At the same time, the LED string lights designed by ALEKO can run through solar energy.

Once you install these LED string lights in your garden and lawn, these will be charged automatically through sun. These will be further turned on automatically at dusk, and run continuously for eight hours. You can install these lights in a hassle-free way without using an outlet or extension cord. So you have option to place these LED solar powered holiday string lights around the mailbox, near the road or lamppost.

As you are not required to use any wires, these lights can be installed throughout your home to complement the festive mood. ALEKO further allows you to choose from white, blue, red and multicolor string lights. One string of solar powered holiday string lights consists of 105 lights. So you can buy multiple strings to decorate your entire home without any hassle. You can even buy the LED solar powered holiday string lights from without paying additional shipping charges.

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