Choosing the Right Opener to Automate Your Swing Gates

The choice of driveway gates varies from one homeowner to another. Based on your choice the driveway gates can open in a number of ways. The driveway gate can either slide or swing. That is why; you must choose the gate opener according to open the gate in a particular way. In other words, you have to choose different gate openers to automate the swinging and sliding driveway gates. The location of the operator will also vary according to the design and style of your gates.

AS600-AG-2TThe automatic gate openers are effective in sliding the gates apart, or swing the gates inward or outward. Many homeowners prefer swing gates for cosmetic reasons. Unlike sliding gates, the swing gates can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home. If you have already installed swinging gates, it is essential to choose the right swing gates opener. You also need to check the amount of spaces available, and the environment surrounding the gate location to open the gates without any interruption.

You must remember that the motor of the swinging gate operator needs additional swinging motion to swing open your driveway gates. It is always important to choose larger and heavy-duty motors that can generate adequate swing motion to operate the driveway gates without any hassle. Also, you need to choose the right option to instruct the driveway gates to open or close.

Normally, the automatic swing gates openers come with remote controls. When you press the button, the remote sends infrared or radio wave signal to the motor. Based on the signal, the motor opens and closes the gates. However, you still have option to install detection system that uses infrared beams or pressure plates to detect each time a vehicle pulls up to the gate. The detection system will send signal to the motor to open the gates.

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