How to Decide If a Solar Gate Opener is Right for You

A constant increase is noted in the number of homeowners investing the solar powered gate openers. The solar gate openers operate just like the conventional gate openers. But the solar powered gate openers, unlike conventional gate operators, do not increase monthly electricity bills. As the name indicates, a solar gate opener is operated through energy generated by harnessing the sunlight. Normally, solar panels are installed to capture the sunlight, and convert the solar energy into electricity.

GG1300FULL-2TThe electricity can be further stored through a grid or batteries to operate the gate openers. As solar energy is 100% clean, green and renewable, the gate openers can be used without causing any damage or harm to the environment. The constant advancement in solar technologies has made the photovoltaic panels more affordable. Thus, a homeowner can avail the advantages of automatic driveway gates without paying inflated electricity bills.

However, you must consider several factors before investing in solar gate openers. The solar gate openers require a huge amount of sunlight to operate your driveway gates smoothly. The solar panels must remain exposed to the sunlight for at least eight hours a day. So you must check if you are living in an area that receives adequate amount of sunlight throughout the year.

At the same time, you also need to consider the number of times your driveway gates need to open and close each day. The solar gate openers are effective in opening and closing the gates 8 to 10 times per day without any hassle. But you have to install additional solar panels, if the gates need to open and close more frequently.

Once you install the solar panels, the gate opener can be operated without relying on any external power source. But the photovoltaic panels must be cleaned and maintained regularly to generate more energy. You also have to remove the shrubs and trees from the area to ensure that these panels receive adequate sunlight constantly.

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