Avail the Benefits of Motorized Retractable Awnings throughout the Year

Unlike stationary awnings, motorized retractable awnings can be operated in a quick and hassle-free way. As the awning can be operated through a remote control, the user can change its position simply by pressing the button. Thus, the position of the awning can be adjusted to avail the desired amount of sunlight and shade at a time. Also, the awning can be retracted fully to protect it from heavy rain and wind. However, a homeowner can also avail additional benefits by installing motorized retractable awnings.

AW10X8BURG-AA-2TYou have option to choose from retractable awnings of different sizes. The small awnings will shield your windows from harsh sunlight and unwanted heat, whereas the larger ones will cover the deck or patio area of your home. So the awnings can contribute towards reducing your monthly electricity bills throughout the year. The patio awnings are further effective in protecting your outdoor furniture from sunlight. As the awning will provide shade to the furniture, their original look and feel will remain intact.

A constant increase is noted in the number of people suffering with skin cancer. So each modern person must be aware of the harmful effects of sunlight. Once you install the motorized retractable awning, it will be easier for your family members to enjoy the weather, while minimizing their sun exposure. If you are living in sunny area, the awning can be used to create comfortable outdoor living space by covering the deck or patio. The extended outdoor living space will further contribute towards increasing the resale value of your property.

A number of seasoned awning manufacturers like AlekoAwning further enable users to optimize the usage of motorized retractable awnings by using specially designed accessories. The company offers sun and wind sensor that can be connected to the awning to protect it from heavy wind. Whenever high wind approaches, the awning will be retracted automatically. Further, the awning will be extended automatically when there is sun to keep the area shaded and cool.

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