Automate Your Retractable Awnings with Tubular Motor

A homeowner can avail several benefits by investing in motorized retractable awning. In addition to protecting the deck or patio area of your home from sunlight and rain, the awning will further add to your home’s aesthetic appeal. As the motorized awning can be operated through a remote control, it becomes easier for you to extend or retract it in a quick and convenient way.

AC-Tube-Motor-DM45R-AA-2TAlso, the motorized awnings are opened or closed in a steady and perfectly measured way. So no damage is caused to the docking system. Similarly, the motorized awning help you in eliminating the stress and tension associated with extending or retracting the awning fabric. A number of reputable awning manufacturers like ALEKO have further made it easier for you to motorize your existing retractable awnings by buying tubular motor for retractable awnings.

ALEKO has designed the AC 205W Tubular Motor especially for retractable awnings. Along with the tubular motor for retractable awnings, the manufacturer also provides a programmed remote control and built-in radio receiver with hardware set. The tubular motor is designed with a built-in radio receiver. So it can be operated smoothly through a programmed remote control. The remote control is programmed to act as a transmitter, and make the motor extend or retract the awning according to your instructions.

The manufacturer has further designed the tubular motor with simple and easy-to-install features. So you can motorize your existing retractable awning without incurring any additional expenses. You have to invest some funds initially to motorize your existing retractable awnings. But the investment will help you in reaping the benefits of a motorized retractable awning over a longer period of time. You can buy the tubular motor for retractable awning from to avail discount on its original price along with free shipping.

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