A Variety of Keypads to Complement the Use of Your Automatic Driveway Gates

You can always replace your conventional gate systems with automatic gate openers to avail enhanced security, privacy and convenience. There are also a variety of solar-powered driveway gates that can be used without increasing your monthly electricity bills. But you must concentrate on certain features of the gate openers to open and close your driveway gates without any hassle.  You also have option to choose from a variety of access systems for the gate. However, the keypads will make it easier for you to implement the desired entry and access restrictions.

LM174P-AG-2TA number of seasoned driveway gate manufacturers like ALEKO also provide several accessories to optimize the use and performance of the gates. You can visit AlekoGates.com to check the keypads provided by the manufacturer to access your gate control system smoothly. Along with wired and wireless keypads, the company also allows you to choose the touch wired keypads. Also, the company provides specially designed metal boxes to protect the keypad system from harsh weather conditions. You can even choose a particular keypad that is compatible with your ALEKO gate opener.

At the same time, the universal keypads can be used to access a variety of gate control systems without any hassle. But each keypad allows you to store up to 6000 access codes at a time. Thus, it becomes easier for you to implement the desired access restrictions. At the same time, you also have option to choose from three different access modes, i.e., card, password and password+card.

However, the cards are optional, and you have to buy these additionally from the web store. Each keypad is also designed with backlight to make it easier for visitors to enter their access code during night. The website further clearly mentions the process to program a keypad to enjoy more security and privacy, while keeping the criminal trespassers away.

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