A Hassle-Free Way to Replace Retractable Awning Fabric

The retractable awnings are one of the most convenient and inexpensive option to create outdoor living space. In addition to keeping the deck or patio of your home shaded, the awning will further protect the area from UV rays, rain and snow. You even have option to install fabric awnings to enhance the look and feel of the area. As the awning fabric will remain exposed to harsh weather elements, it will start fading or looking shabby. So the retractable awning fabric needs to be replaced at regular intervals.

12x10-Fabric-Burgundy-AA-2T Sample-Fabric-Burgundy-AA-2TYou can follow a set of simple steps to replace the retractable awning fabric on your own. After removing the old fabric, you have to measure and cut the new awning fabric. Then the panels will be sewed together, and the awning edges will be hemmed. Then you have to measure and cut a valance, add cording sleeve, and attach binding to the valance. Finally, awning fabric can be reinstalled to make the retractable awning look fresh and attractive.

However, you have to choose high quality and durable fabric to retain the aesthetic appeal of the awning over a longer period of time. You also need to consider the length and width of the awing to decide the size of the replacement awning fabric size. At the same time, you also need to check the effectiveness of the awning fabric in resisting harsh sunlight, rain and UV ray. It is also a good idea to choose the fabric from a seller with adequate expertise in designing awnings.

As a popular online awning store, AlekoAwning allows customers to choose from a wide variety of awnings. Based on the length and width of your awning, you can choose the awning fabrics in several colors, styles and patterns. Further, the store provided high quality and durable awning fabrics with 2 year warranty. You can even contact the customer care executive to understand how to make the retractable awning fabric replacement more convenient and faster.

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